Conte: Eden Hazard Not on the Top Level

Conte: Eden Hazard Not on the Top Level

Chelsea tactician Antonio Conte says Eden Hazard has not fully shown his best performance on the pitch Agen piala dunia 2018.

After winning the English Premier League trophy last season, the Belgian national team’s performance was surprisingly dropped dramatically where again experienced fitness problems and injuries. Even in pre-season the player has to practice on his own at Cobham.

Where in the early game of English League competition 2017-2018 at the time against Burnley Eden did not play. As a result the West London club had to give up 3-2 at Stamford Bridge at that time. With that record also then the Blues doubt to maintain the Premier League trophy this season.

But after a complete recovery, slowly he began to find the form of the game. Among others, the 26-year-old is already showing his class.

Proven at the club level and also the national team himself really contributed amazingly to this day. However, the coach said Conte has not fully featured his best game and he believes the future of Lille will be sharper if it continues to practice with focus.

“I do not think Eden is at the top of her career. I think he will have many improvements, “Antonio Conte told the media.

“He is a young player and it is important for him to work, work, work in every training session to improve himself and then perform like this.

“You are at the top when you win the Ballon d’Or the first time, when you win the Champions League, when and win the World Cup.

“At that time you are at the top level of the world, so you are a great player.

“The World Cup is a great tournament. which is the best place in the world. In this tournament you can show your skills and skills and you can show that you are a top player. I think this is a great opportunity where every great player must show his ability. ”

Conte also wants Chelsea’s management to return immediately to a new contract for Hazard and Thibaut Courtois ahead of his tenure is coming to an end.

“To be sure, I would be very happy when they can have this deal but it is the club’s responsibility to try to do this,” Conte continued

“They are both young players and it would be good if we could keep them with us.”

Lampard Praise Philippe Coutinho

Lampard Praise Philippe Coutinho

Chelsea football legend Frank Lampard admits he is very impressed with Philippe Coutinho who now strengthens Liverpool Taruhan Bola.

Impressed 39-year-old man faced the retainer of the Brazilian national team, because the players often play a different game with his teammates in every game. Proven elimination of the Reds in the EFL Cup from Leicester City immediately paid for by Phil through a stunning goal back when the fight against The Foxes in English League competition and the result they won 3-2 while playing at the King Power stadium.

While in the Champions League competition extraordinary contribution where players who have just recovered from the injury managed to score a 1-1 equalizer against Spartak Moscow which took place in Russia on Wednesday early yesterday. After recovering from injury, it is his second goal this summer.

Lampard even reveals the strength of the team made by Jurgen Klopp so far after the success of the Merseyside club to retain players who almost joined to Barcelona and for him Coutinho a young playmaker is really brilliant and very professional.

“He has a brilliant game,” Frank Lampard told the media.

“Sometimes he has a different game with other players. His earnestness and his awareness to play the ball was incredible.

“He is all the center of the opportunities we have been talking about but at the end of the day you need people there to get it done.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool Management is the best this summer because able to maintain Coutinho which is one of the key players of the team. Even fantastic bids up to three times they can resist.

On the contrary, the target player in want Jurgen Klopp like Mohamed Salah and also Alex Oxlade Chamberlain successful in boyong. But unfortunately they just failed to bring Virgil Van Dijk from Southampton and with the failure of that goalkeeper Simon Mignolet must conceded with a large amount.

Manchester City Print Records in the Premier League

Manchester City Print Records in the Premier League

Manchester – Manchester City set a record in the Premier League. Pep Guardiola’s concocted squad was the first team to score five or more goals in three consecutive games. This success comes after beating Crystal Palace 5-0 at Etihad Stadium on Saturday (9/23/2017).

Manchester City’s winning goals over Crystal Palace were created by Leroy Sane, Raheem Sterling (two goals), Sergio Aguer, and Fabian Delph. This is Manchester City’s third big win in the last three games.

Previously, Manchester City were able to beat Liverpool, 5-0 and Watford, 6-0. These results make Manchester City at the top of the Premier League standings 2017-2018, until the sixth week.

Manchester City collected 16 points, or superior goal difference from Manchester United in second place. The third rank is occupied by Chelsea who collected 13 points.

Not only Manchester City, Crystal Palace also carved a record after the game. However, Roy Hodgson’s squad record is negative because it became the first team to fail to score in the first six Premier League matches.

Source: Premier League

Zidane: Full Bale Players

Zidane: Full Bale Players

Zinedine Zidane praised Gareth Bale as a good player and detailed how he helped the Real Madrid attack in various situations.

The speed of the 28-year-old winger and his decision-making was praised in addition to his technical skills, while Zidane also gave his opinion.

“I think he is a complete player,” Zidane said in a press conference when asked about Bale.

“With the speed he has, he can inflict damage on any team when given space, as we saw a few days ago (against Real Sociedad).”

“In addition he is also very technically strong and has good relations with other players.”

“Sometimes it’s good to be aware when you’re not playing well, which can motivate you to play better.”

“I’m not talking specifically about Bale but about the players in general.”

Keane: Kane Can Achieve Ronaldo’s Game Level

Keane: Kane Can Achieve Ronaldo’s Game Level

Manchester United legend Roy Keane supports Harry Kane to reach the level of the game from Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo Dadu Online.

In the game against Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham Hotspur striker was successfully showed a brilliant performance for the team. He managed to score two goals against BVB, and Keane wished he could see the player in action in the final phases of the Champions League.

“If he continues to grow like this, then in the next few years, he will be at the level of Ronaldo,” the former Republic of Ireland midfielder told reporters.

“Kane is an incredible player, hold-up play him, the movements, as well as the overall aspect of his game, he is really a great player.”

“In order for that to happen, he should be able to qualify until the final phases of the Champions League. But at a rate like this, if he does not get injured, then he will be up there, along with the best players. “

Reason Aji Santoso Back Interested Train Persela

Reason Aji Santoso Back Interested Train Persela

It did not take long for the management of Persela Lamongan to be able to find a new head coach figure after Heri Kiswanto declared withdraw from his post.

Officially, Laskar Joko Tingkir team again appointed Aji Santoso who had mengarsiteki Arema FC in the first round of League 1 competition.

With this certainty, caretaker position is only matched by Ragil Sudirman during the match counter Perseru Serui on Friday (08/09/2017) ago.

Aji Santoso also revealed his decision was again willing to accept the proposal of Persela management.

Before becoming architect Arema FC, Aji also had menukangi team Laskar Joko Tingkir. At that time, he entered the position of Sutan Harhara in the second round of TSC 2016.

“First, I already know because last year I was in Persela, actually, there are some offers that I have not been able to receive, but with this Persela I have a different assessment,” said Aji Santoso, as reported on the club’s official website.

For that reason, this Malang-born coach did not hesitate to accept proposal from Persela management.

“Second, the boards are very respectful, appreciate the performance of a coach, they give full flexibility to the coach,” he said.

Meanwhile, which is no less important for Aji Santoso accept proposal is the supporters Persela who are considered quite loyal in providing support from off the field.

“Third, Persela’s supporters, I think are incredible, one of the fanatical supporters in Indonesia who want to support his team not only when he is good but when his team is down, they will not go away from the stadium.This makes me go back and accept the offer of Persela management , “he said.

De Gea Wants United to Gain Full Points

De Gea Wants United to Gain Full Points

Manchester United’s top goalkeeper, David de Gea, is targeting the team to earn three points at home to Stoke City next weekend.

Saturday night, Jose Mourinho’s team will travel to Bet365 Stadium, Staffordshire.

Responding to the game, he wanted the Red Devil focus and not underestimate, although only facing the bottom club.

In an interview, De Gea said “Our next opponent? Of course Stoke City. ”

“I want United to get three points in Stoke game later. Every game is very important. ”

“Stoke is not an easy opponent. For that United must focus in order to be able to achieve victory. “

Ozil Determined to Offer an Important Degree

Ozil Determined to Offer an Important Degree

Playmaker Arsenal, Mesut Ozil insists that his team can still compete win the Premier League trophy this summer Agen Bola Sbobet.

Of the six top teams of the Gunners club who fairly started the season quite bad because after successfully defeating Leicester City with a final score of 4-3 two subsequent matches actually swallow each defeat of Stoke City and surrendered 4-0 against Liverpool. As a result they are now ranked 16th of the standings with just packing three points.

The unsatisfactory early season record made the North London club in doubt to win the domestic league this summer. But the 28-year-old defender in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers is determined to give the English Premier League title last time in 2004.

“Although I initially struggled when it came to the Premier League, I accepted the challenge. I started out as a left winger at the beginning and frankly I’m not an admirer of that position where I prefer to play in position number 10. The reason when I play in the middle I can control the game and generate chances, “Mesut Ozil said in his Instagram account.

“The Premier League is physically much more demanding than La Liga or Bundesliga. The 1-1 draw is much more difficult and the smaller clubs also have a very strong team which can easily trouble you. In addition, there is no winter vacation, which means the season is very long and tiring especially when you play at European and National level as well.

“We have achieved many things in four years with us where three of the 13 wins in the FA Cup have been achieved in the last four years and 10 others have taken 75 years for the club to win. This is the addition of our three Community Shield.

“After all, six titles in four years is pretty much. However, there are those who make myself and the team more disappointed because it does not berprena in the title race last season. This is something we hope to change this year. “

Mourinho mengatakan wartawan untuk’tell yang truth’ atas perlakuan pejabat

Sebuah Jose Mourinho emosional menuntut media “mengatakan kebenaran” atas apa yang ia melihat menjadi perlakuan istimewa yang diberikan kepada manajer saingan dari pejabat.

Manajer Manchester United menunjukkan kekesalannya dengan berjalan keluar dari sebuah wawancara televisi berikut imbang tanpa gol frustasi Setan Merah ‘melawan Hull City di Old Trafford, Rabu.

Mourinho sama-sama gusar ketika melakukan pasca-pertandingan konferensi pers dan meluncurkan ledakan ketika ditanya apakah Hull Oumar Niasse seharusnya dikirim oleh wasit Mike Jones berikut cap jelas pada Michael Carrick dan kemudian pelanggaran di Daley Blind.

Portugis mengklaim itu adalah tugas wartawan untuk memberikan pendapat mereka tentang insiden tersebut.

“Saya tidak ingin berbicara tentang wasit dan keputusan. Karena jika saya berbicara, saya dihukum dan saya tidak ingin dihukum,” kata Mourinho.

“Saya tidak mengerti mengapa kau bertanya padaku pertanyaan seperti ini. Jika aku berada di tempat Anda maka saya tidak akan meminta manajer. Saya hanya akan mengatakan dan menulis apa yang saya lihat, apa yang saya pikirkan, apa pendapat saya. Jika saya di sisi Anda aku tidak akan meminta manajer Manchester United. pertandingan setelah pertandingan, saya hanya akan menulis apa yang terjadi.

“Mungkin industri Anda akan ke arah lain, saya tidak tahu, tapi bagi saya jurnalistik adalah untuk mengatakan kebenaran. Katakan kebenaran, Anda hanya perlu mengatakan yang sebenarnya.

“Jika Anda pergi pertandingan setelah pertandingan dengan Manchester United dan melihat apa yang terjadi di sini dengan Manchester City, apa yang terjadi di sini dengan Burnley, dengan West Ham, dengan Stoke dan hampir di mana-mana, maka Anda melakukan pekerjaan dan itu adalah pelayanan publik saya pikir. Beritahu kebenaran, itu adalah yang sederhana seperti itu.

“Jika itu mengatakan bahwa Manchester United tidak bermain bagus di babak pertama maka jadilah itu. Kita harus bermain lebih baik di babak pertama daripada yang kita lakukan, tapi mengatakan yang sebenarnya. Jangan tanya saya pertanyaan saya tidak bisa menjawab.”

Dalam wawancara televisi, Mourinho mengisyaratkan bahwa pejabat yang munafik dengan bagaimana mereka memperlakukan dia dibandingkan dengan manajer lain dan membuat referensi yang jelas untuk pertukaran bos Liverpool Jurgen Klopp dengan ofisial keempat Neil Swarbrick imbang mereka 1-1 di Chelsea pada hari Selasa.

Dan Mourinho membuat klaim serupa pada konferensi pers, menambahkan: “. Saya suka emosi Anda dan, karena aku mencintai emosi Anda, tidak ada masalah ‘” Kemarin [Selasa], salah satu manajer diberitahu oleh ofisial keempat, Saya diberitahu untuk duduk atau saya harus duduk di tribun. “

Bailly siap Manchester United comeback

Eric Bailly siap untuk membuat penampilan pertama Manchester United dari 2017 saat mereka menjamu Hull City pada hari Rabu, Jose Mourinho telah mengkonfirmasi.

Bek tengah merindukan semua tujuh dari United perlengkapan Januari karena Piala Afrika partisipasinya dengan Pantai Gading.

Dia menderita cedera pergelangan kaki kecil dalam permainan cadangan United melawan Everton pada hari Senin, tapi Mourinho mengungkapkan ia tersedia untuk pertandingan mendatang di Old Trafford.

“Bailly cocok untuk menghadapi Hull,” bos Inggris menyatakan pada konferensi pers, sebelum menambahkan bahwa sejumlah pemain yang diistirahatkan dari pertemuan Piala FA hari Minggu dengan Wigan Athletic juga akan kembali.