Reason Aji Santoso Back Interested Train Persela

Reason Aji Santoso Back Interested Train Persela

It did not take long for the management of Persela Lamongan to be able to find a new head coach figure after Heri Kiswanto declared withdraw from his post.

Officially, Laskar Joko Tingkir team again appointed Aji Santoso who had mengarsiteki Arema FC in the first round of League 1 competition.

With this certainty, caretaker position is only matched by Ragil Sudirman during the match counter Perseru Serui on Friday (08/09/2017) ago.

Aji Santoso also revealed his decision was again willing to accept the proposal of Persela management.

Before becoming architect Arema FC, Aji also had menukangi team Laskar Joko Tingkir. At that time, he entered the position of Sutan Harhara in the second round of TSC 2016.

“First, I already know because last year I was in Persela, actually, there are some offers that I have not been able to receive, but with this Persela I have a different assessment,” said Aji Santoso, as reported on the club’s official website.

For that reason, this Malang-born coach did not hesitate to accept proposal from Persela management.

“Second, the boards are very respectful, appreciate the performance of a coach, they give full flexibility to the coach,” he said.

Meanwhile, which is no less important for Aji Santoso accept proposal is the supporters Persela who are considered quite loyal in providing support from off the field.

“Third, Persela’s supporters, I think are incredible, one of the fanatical supporters in Indonesia who want to support his team not only when he is good but when his team is down, they will not go away from the stadium.This makes me go back and accept the offer of Persela management , “he said.

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